Since a few students asked about using Piazza, I wanted to post an explanation of why I’m not willing to use Piazza for any official course interactions here (these are my personal views, which don’t necessarily reflect those of anyone else on the course staff). The reason I’m not willing to use Piazza is their business model is based on surveillance of students and monetizing the data collected through this is ways that may be harmful to students forced to use it.

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Week 6

Week 6 is now posted - see the Week 6 page for the details.

Week 5

Week 5 is now posted - see the Week 5 page for the details.

Peer Evaluations

Now that we’ve had an opportunity to get to know our cohorts, we’d like to provide a way for you to offer feedback on how your cohort could work more effectively. We have created a peer evaluation form for you to reflect on the ways that you and your cohort-mates contribute to your team dynamic. We ask that you please complete this feedback form by 11:59pm on Wednesdsay Sept 23.

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Week 4, Resources

Week 4 is now posted - see the Week 4 page for the details.

The Resources page has some links to resources that we think will be useful for cs3102 students, including additional background materials, and other sources that cover concepts in the class.

Submitting Assignments

To submit your write-ups and see your feedback, use this site: Assignment Submissions. This video explains how to use it: zoomcast

In general, you will only need to submit your weekly written problem, and only one member of your cohort needs to submit. Make sure you tell your cohort coach (TA) who is submitting.

Open Student Hours

Below is the schedule for open student hours (no one is in an office these days, but these are similar to what is sometimes called “office hours”). These are times when there will be a course staff person available to answer any questions you have. Monday 4-5:30pm Nick Monday 5:30-6pm Yu Monday 6:30-8pm Anlan Monday 8-9:30pm Megan   Tuesday 12:30-2pm Timothy Tuesday 2-3:30pm Nijat Tuesday 3:30-5pm Jonah Tuesday 5-6:30pm Nick Tuesday 6-7:30pm Kush   Wednesday 9:30-10:30am Dave Wednesday noon-2:00pm Nathan Wednesday noon-1:30pm Timothy Wednesday 1:30-3pm Vi Wednesday 7:30-9pm Noah Thursday 9:30-11am John Thursday 12:30-2pm Joey Thursday 2:30-4pm Joshua Thursday 4:30-6pm Brandon Thursday 6:30-8pm Preston Friday 9-10:30am Yu Friday 10:30-noon Megan Friday 12-1pm Dave Friday 1pm-2:30pm Nathan Friday 2-3:30pm William Friday 5:30-7:00pm Nijat Saturday 10-11:30am Nicholas Saturday 11:30am-1pm Rachel Sunday 10:30am-noon Michelle Sunday 3:30-5pm Joshua Sunday 5:30-7pm Nicholas During the scheduled times, the listed staff person is available to answer your questions.

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First Class

Our first (and only) full-class meeting will be held at 3:30pm Aug 26.

Join the meeting here: Zoom Session

We’ll be presenting these slides: Slides

We’ll be discussing course logistics, and the importance of studying theory.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Office Hours

We will post a more complete office hours schedule by early next week.

I (Dave) will have office hours on Wednesdays at 9:30-10:30am (including tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26) and Fridays at 10-11am (now: Fridays noon-1pm) (including this Friday, August 28). For now, these will use my zoom office (but these will move to the course discord server once everyone is set up there).

Starting the Semester

First Class Meeting We will have our first meeting on Wednesday at our scheduled 3:30-4:45pm meeting time via zoom: zoom link. Assessed cohort meetings will start (at the ealiest) on Tuesday, 1 September, so students scheduled in Tuesday cohorts will have preparation Cohort Meetings on Sunday (30 August), and will need to be ready with the Week 1 problems by their cohort meeting on 1 September. (Other students will have more time, depending on when your assessed cohort meeting is scheduled.

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