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Open Student Hours

Below is the schedule for open student hours (no one is in an office these days, but these are similar to what is sometimes called “office hours”).

These are times when there will be a course staff person available to answer any questions you have.

Monday 4-5:30pm Nick
Monday 5:30-6pm Yu
Monday 6:30-8pm Anlan
Monday 8-9:30pm Megan
Tuesday 12:30-2pm Timothy
Tuesday 2-3:30pm Nijat
Tuesday 3:30-5pm Jonah
Tuesday 5-6:30pm Nick
Tuesday 6-7:30pm Kush
Wednesday 9:30-10:30am Dave
Wednesday noon-2:00pm Nathan
Wednesday noon-1:30pm Timothy
Wednesday 1:30-3pm Vi
Wednesday 7:30-9pm Noah
Thursday 9:30-11am John
Thursday 12:30-2pm Joey
Thursday 2:30-4pm Joshua
Thursday 4:30-6pm Brandon
Thursday 6:30-8pm Preston
Friday 9-10:30am Yu
Friday 10:30-noon Megan
Friday 12-1pm Dave
Friday 1pm-2:30pm Nathan
Friday 2-3:30pm William
Friday 5:30-7:00pm Nijat
Saturday 10-11:30am Nicholas
Saturday 11:30am-1pm Rachel
Sunday 10:30am-noon Michelle
Sunday 3:30-5pm Joshua
Sunday 5:30-7pm Nicholas

During the scheduled times, the listed staff person is available to answer your questions.

You can request help by putting a message in the #help-requests channel. You will also see open help video rooms (that may have particular topics that are being covered), and should feel free to just jump into these rooms.

You may be wondering what the point of faculty open student hours is with how wonderful the TAs are, and all the opportunities you have with the cohort sessions and TA office hours. If you are feeling reluctant to come to faculty office hours, this video might help:

Introducing FOH: Faculty Office Hours from ASU Unscripted

For my (Dave) office hours, I will be in the discord, but will use this zoom link for video discussions (this is mainly to be able to use the waiting room to have private discussions when desirable; if you connect to the zoom room and are not invited in immediately, I will try to send you a message, but you might have to wait for this to finish). (Note: if you want to arrange a private meeting with me at a different time, use