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Week 12 Highlights

Here are some highlights from student submissions for Week 12.

Children’s Book

In the Land of NAND [PDF]
Emily Franklin, Luke Sills, Emily Huo, Reza Mirzaiee (Cohort Felt)


Cantor's Theorem (to the tune of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton)
Derek Bassett, Isabelle Deadman, Justin Ngo, Anh Nguyen, Henry Todd, Letao Wang (Cohort Benjamin)

The Day Computing Died - The Rao-Blackwell Theorems
Zach Baugher, Tyler Willis, Sarah Yao, Karen Zipor, Jennifer Li, Carryk Bhattal

Wilkes Cohort Final Project Rap
Stephen Boakye, Kyle Cheng, Collin Orendorff, Yu-Jiyun Taom, Iskander Umarkhodjaev

Theory of WAP-u-tation (listener discretion advised!)
Cris Scruggs


News Flash: P = NP!
Cameron Church, Diana Damenova, Daniel Lower-Basch, Jason Tufano, Michael Yates (Cohort Anh)

Office Hours
Noah Holloway

Mulan Solves P vs. NP
Charles Fang and Darwin Walter

Theory of Computation — Official Trailer
Gabriel Edwards, Prithvi Kinariwala, Jared Nguyen, Ian Reyes, Dawang Shen (Cohort Rosenblum)


The Legend of Bruno L.‘s Lasagna Language
Benjamin Grant, Callie Hartzog, I Jung, Joseph Kerrigan, Hallie Khuong, Grace Kisly (Cohort Jones)

Make your way Through Finite State Automata
Selena Johnson

Domino Logic Gates
Jack Liu, Anh-Thu Nguyen, Victor Pham


2-bit Ripple-Carry Adder and 4-bit CLA in Minecraft
Jackson Berigan, Edward Kim, Justin Liu, Phuc Nguyen, Parth Raut, Evan Topoleski (Cohort McCarthy)

Divisible by 8 FSM
Kevin Cooper, Maxim Gorodchanin, Amar Singh, David Zhang, Zhen Zhang (Cohort Buolamwini)